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My hitherto reliable Edge 500 has started to misbehave. There's a road that runs round the park (predictably enough it's got many Strava segments). Just lately, the signal's been all over the place, and it looks as if I rode across a lake. It also fails to record Strava segments because of the inaccuracy.

I emailed Garmin, and was told to reset the device etc, which I've done. It hasn't made any difference. When I emailed again I just got the identical emailed advice.

Has anyone else had the same problems, and does anyone have tips for how to get decent help/support from Garmin?



  • londoncommuter
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    Thankfully I've not had the same problem but found Garmin support to be great on the phone but terrible by e-mail so I'd give them a call.
  • DHA987S
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    My 500 is doing the same recently. Well I have only noticed it recently as it keeps missing segments on strava. I have been in touch with Garmin as well, they also said do the full reset thing. Hasn't improved it. Their suggestion was an out of warranty repair at just under £70....
  • smoggysteve
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    Does it do it anywhere else or just this particular route?
  • Maillot
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    It's most noticeable on that route, because I tend to do a few laps at a time, but I think it's having problems elsewhere, as I've found that it struggles to follow courses that I've loaded, and the current speed varies wildly whilst riding a steady tempo.
  • Gizmodo
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    How much tree cover is there? I noticed when on holiday there were lots of roads with trees over them, forming a tunnel. My Garmin 800 kept loosing GPS signal under the trees, but speed was unaffected because of the wheel magnet sensor.

    Remember that GPS requires line of sight with multiple satellites in the sky.
  • nferrar
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    My 500's GPS has always been more iffy than my 705's, much more affected by tree/cloud cover and seems to take longer to track accurately again once it locks back on a signal.
  • bernithebiker
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    Big summer tree leaf canopies effectively shut down quite a few segments round my way in the summer, the overhead leaf coverage is just too thick to see through.

    Have to wait till autumn to have a crack at those KOM's!