1st ride with new saddle

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So I bought a new saddle for my Giant Defy 1, just found the stock saddle applied too much pressure to my under carriage!

After a bit of goggling I decided to try the Specialized Romin Expert (http://www.specialized.co.uk/us/en/ftb/ ... min-expert) partly because of it's cut-out centre to ease pressure and also because of price!

Fitted it and did a quick ride round the block, it felt good and was looking forward to a proper ride with it. So out I went on Sat morning with 22.5miles planned, got 4miles in and started to work my legs on a hill and BANG(!) the saddle moved down at the back. Unfortunately I had left my tools at home so had to do the next 18 miles with my saddle at a VERY strange angle. I can't say it was great but ironically it still felt better than my old saddle!!

Lessons learnt? 1. Tighten my saddle up properly! 2. Take tools out when riding!


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    I did the same thing with my first carbon fibre seatpost - hadn't tightened it properly and the saddle shifted off - I thought I'd sheared something! (I did have my multitool though...! :-D)
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    Yup had this as well with my Ritchey WCS stem. Because of the way its designed with a single bolt, it has to be tightened stupidly tight to stop the saddle tilting backwards. I put on some carbon paste which helps alot.
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