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See previous post. I know just short of nothing about bikes and biking however I bought a road bike and spend a lot of time riding it and enjoying myself. The wife has seen the fun I am having and decided to spoil it by coming to join me. Due to her height when I look at ladies bike prices there doesn't seem any decent offers but if you look at gents bikes she's obviously shorter for a bloke so you can get some decent savings. What I wanted to know is are there any big differences gents to ladies or is it just cosmetics?

Also any pointers for a lady who is 5'7" tall as to size? Does it differ make to make?


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    Size and geometry differs not only from make to make but within different ranges within a make so it would be better if he could sit on a few different bikes first. My wife is 5'6" - 5'7" and has a 2010 Trek WSD 52 cm but was also happy on a 'men's' Cannondale CAAD8 52 cm frame. 'Women's' bike are generally in more 'girly' colours but they often have narrower handlebars, less drop on the bars and a saddle more suited to the female undercarriage. So that bargain may end up costing a little more if you have to start changing things but, saying that, comfortable is comfortable so try out some smaller mens sizes and see how it goes
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    Apart from the seat I would say there's not much in it as long as the bike fits. The seat is something a lot of people change anyway. Womens specific bikes just give more options, but she could easily find a good fit on a mens/unisex one.

    My wife's 5'5" and has a non female specific 48cm Felt.

    Just make sure its not too big or there is nothing you can do to get a good fit and she will not enjoy the experience.
    A lot of bike shops seem to want to put you on too big a bike IME.

    She needs to get out and ride to find out more what suits her anyway. Her second bike will fit even better ;-)