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Balance Bike On His Own!

Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
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Tonight the boy managed the balance bike on his own :mrgreen:

No help what so ever; from picking it up off the ground, quick ride before getting off.

Not bad for 21 months :mrgreen:


  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757

    And yeah, that's how you want it. Just an everyday thing - what? Oh, the bike. Yeah, I ride it. ;)
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  • macbikesmacbikes Posts: 58
    How is he doing a week later? Zooming around confidently I bet!
  • Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
    He is getting noticably faster!
  • Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
    He managed his first drop this weekend, about kerb height :mrgreen:
  • macbikesmacbikes Posts: 58
    Hope you're taking heaps of photos :D
  • Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
    We visited a new park today. There were lots of children on their bikes, some with stabilisers and some with quite nice bikes too.

    Picture the scene, a bright sunny, but a bit fresh October Sunday morning in a lovely grassy Wimbledon park. Many of the children (they were from about 5 to 10 year olds) were riding around the park on their bikes chasing, screaming and laughing after each other and having fun.

    I was so proud, my son (still not 2 years old) joined in on his balance bike and to the disbelief of children and parents he was keeping up with many of the older children and passing lots of the younger children (on pedal bikes) with his balance bike!

    There were a lot of astonished parents, some of them came over to ask me how old my son was and did not believe me when I said, he not even two!

    I was so proud, grinning like a Cheshire cat!
  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    ^ Love it!
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  • :) Balance bikes are so cool.
  • Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
    The boy has started going off road!

    There is a small bit of woodland behind the park we go. For the last couple of days he has been going in the woods, following the tracks with his bike, going over tree roots and up and down the humps in the track.

    Last night when I got home from work, his bike was absolutely covered in mud, it was caked on. I was told they went into the wood area and he was enjoying it so much he did not want to come home.

    I had to get the hose out to wash his bike off.
  • Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
    For those that are keeping up:

    Son has gone down flights of steps this last weekend.

    He has managed flights of two steps on his own. When it comes to flights with three to four steps, I have to stand in front of him with my hands semi holding the ends of the handles bars.

    It is great fun being a dad!
  • It is great to hear about his progression. My youngest has been riding a pedal bike for more than a year but still plays around on his balance bike loads.
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