triban 3 upgrade

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have just got a new triban 3 and really like it ,but im tempted to start upgrading things after reading posts on this forum.
Is it worth spending a few quid upgrading the triban,or would it be better to start saving to get a better bike when the time is right


  • prhymeate
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    I'd save the money and just replace parts when they break. There is no point upgrading a new bike right away in my opinion, you may as well have just saved a bit longer and bought something better. I'm not implying the T3 is a bad buy, I have one myself and couldn't be happier. Also, if you've just started cycling you need to prepare your wallet for the endless number of accessories and clothing items that you'll convince yourself you need.
  • Gizmodo
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    There is plenty to spend your money on, I don't know what you've bought already but:

    Helmet, track pump, mini pump (or CO2), spare inner tubes, tire levers, puncture repair kit, quick link, multi tool small saddle bad, lube, GT40, maintenance stand, tool kit, bike lock, lights, mudguards, cycle computer (GPS if you want), 3rd party insurance (BC or CTC membership), subscriptions to your favourite magazine :wink:

    Clip-less pedals, cycling shoes, over shoes, bib shorts, bib longs, gilet, packable rain jacket, full wet jacket, jerseys (long and short sleeve), base layer, knee warmers, leg warmers, arm warmers, cycling cap, winter hat, sunglasses, fingerless gloves, long finger gloves, full winter gloves, socks (winter and summer).

    Then if you've still got any money left, new tires, brake blocks, bar tape, brake and gear cables (inners and outers), wheel and headset bearings, chain, cassette - that should cover most of the parts that will wear out if you ride it often enough.

    So now onto bike upgrades, new wheels - that would be about it, anything more and you're better buying a new bike.
  • I've had mine about 9 months, just over 1000 miles and all I've done is new wheels. I use it for a 8 mile commute, then 30/40/50 miles at the weekend sometimes, and it's still going strong.
  • thanks guys, i take your points, think I was jumping the gun a wee bit. I'll stick with the triban 3 and keep it original for a while.
  • Neil_aky
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    Enjoy riding it, as others have said, you'll find plenty to spend your money on before starting to upgrade the bike; however, clipless pedals / shoes could be a worthwhile 'upgrade'