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Hi folks. Does anyone know if you have to plot a route on your Garmin 800, or can you just press Go and it will record the ride and show the stats as you are riding.



  • chrisaonabike
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    can you just press Go and it will record the ride and show the stats as you are riding.
    Yes, it can do exactly that. I know where I'm going most of the time, so recording and checking speed and HR are all I do, about 95% of the time.

    The one time I did use it for navigation, I was very glad of the maps and the turn by turn instructions.
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    Start the timer, bottom right button will start the recording. Yes it will display almost anything you would care to imagine whilst riding.

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  • Thanx for that i'll give it go.
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    As said, press the Start (bottom right) button then at the end of the ride pres Stop (same button), then press and hold Reset (bottom left) - it will give you a 4, 3, 2, 1 countdown. Reset finishes the ride and stores the data.

    If you forget to Reset and press Start again a week later, it will continue the ride as if you had a very long cafe stop.
  • ben@31
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    If you haven't bought one yet. I find the Garmin maps not good for rural backroads, I have to zoom right in for them to appear on the screen, so far in that it's hard to "see the bigger picture" of where you are in relation to things. In fact I prefer using Google maps on my iphone if I need to check where I am.

    Because I usually cycle on the same routes, find Google maps easier to use and only use the 800's GPS to log rides afterwards. I sometimes think I should have bought the 500 instead.
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  • Alexvs
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    I'm the same and mainly use it for recording my stats and not routing but when I do route I use the open street maps and have never had any issues as above. It gives plenty of turn warning and flicks between the map screen from the regular timing screen automatically when a turn comes up as you don't really need the map up all the time. Best purchase I've made after the bike of course ;-)
  • HI. Works a treat chaps. I had quite a headache initially with setting the mapping up, but once I sorted out the devices quirks/foibles it works just fine, occasionally freezing around forests.

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    Open street maps are great, use them for both off road and on road riding. Had my first issue with my Garmin today, completely lost my entire ride from this morning! Very annoying