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Help - Batteries for BLT Lid-LED Helmet Light

KipsKips Posts: 2
edited July 2013 in Commuting general
Having found lots of very useful information on this forum in the past, am hoping somebody might be able to help with my first time posted question!
I have a BLT Lid-LED Helmet Light. Needing to replace the batteries I took the old ones out, which I have now misplaced... :oops: I thought they were 2 x CR2032, although it seems they are too slim and I can't figure out which batteries I need! It's a great little light for night commuting, although seems to be no longer in production so I can't find a detailed enough spec re the batteries.
Does anyone by any chance have one of these lights and therefore know (or could check) which batteries they use please?
Here's an old link to the light: ... wID=221215
Many thanks
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