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New commuter bike

mtbrambomtbrambo Posts: 60
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Im looking into buying a new bike specifically for commuting, I currently ride on my Mountain bike but would like a entry level road bike, budget of around 300

Out of the ones I have looked at the Btwin Triban looks to be the best but is there any other suggestions?

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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    As good as it gets for the cash.
  • Big_PaulBig_Paul Posts: 277
    And there appears to have been another production run of the red ones, I grabbed one the other week, worth the extra £29 for the carbon fork. (Actually, I just like red......) :D
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  • Mr.DuckMr.Duck Posts: 174
    The B'TWIN Triban doesn't have much clearance, so if you want to fit mudguards for when it's raining, then it may be a bit of a pain. Since this is the commuting section of the forum, it may be a factor.
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