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Morning all,

Well i've posted a couple of times and got the bike and kit together and went out on the first ride. I was pretty nervous about going out on the Cannondale and with clipless pedals (after a few bush diving escapades in the garden), but the time had come. Went out on a pretty nice 20 mile ride and it nearly killed me.

Met a couple of cyclists that were more than friendly and all the cars that I encountered were also pretty decent.

I've also signed up to Strava to keep a log of my rides now.

All I can say is that I'm bitten, I ache where I didn't think possible and also I'm pretty saddle sore despite a decent pad. :lol:


  • IanRCarter
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    Well done, 20 is good for a first ride. I just reached 50 for the first time yesterday and had my road bike for around 2 months. You build up very quickly to start with.

    Most drivers are good, it can be frustrating when some idiot squeezes through a small gap, giving you no room to move though.
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    Robin, well done on the first ride. You will ache, but next time you ride you will ache a little less. And in time, a 20 mile ride will be little more than a warm up. Forget speed for the moment concentrate instead on time on the bike. Get used to it. Get used to the traffic. Go and see some of the fantastic places in our countryside. Above all, enjoy riding your bike.
  • Robin_D
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    Thanks for the replies, i'm certainly enjoying it. I'm kind of thinking that I may need a bike fitting session though as my shoulders and foot were giving me a bit of jip towards the end.

    Bring it on!
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    While a bike fitting certainly offers benefits, do keep in mind that the soreness is largely because you are just starting out and using new muscles.
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  • Robin_D
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    Well I'm well in to my fourth week now and yesterday completed a 72 miles route which is a stonking 30 miles more than my farthest previous.

    I underestimated the fuel a little bit, but that can be worked on.

    Really starting to enjoy this.
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    Did my first ride yesterday.. also a 20 mile route. I'm reasonably fit so distance and gradients were ok but a little tender in places from the saddle.. :lol: