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Left my bike in the back of the car last night, intending to take it out on a ride first thing. Didn't sleep well with this hot weather and managed to oversleep this morning. Went to work, with bike still in car. Finish work early, thought I'd get a nice hot 30 miler in on the bike so went over to the car to unload it. Then realised that the front tyre was completely flat. Strange, seemed fine on my ride yesterday. Tried to pump some air into it. Nothing. Then I notice a bit of tree bark on the tyre. Upon closer inspection I realise to my dismay that it's not bark, it's the inside of the tyre which has completely blown out. Checking the rear tyre as well, I see it's ridiculously high pressured. That'll be the end of my tyre then. Have now ordered a new tyre, but will be off the road for the rest of the week.

So please don't do what I have done. Please keep your tyres in a cool, well-ventilated area and out of direct sunlight, or they WILL explode.


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    You aren't the first one, and you won't be the last.

    At the company I am working for, they have a large entrance with a big window to the south, and bike stands. I once let my bike there with fairly high pressure on the front wheel, hoping that the tyre would pop into the rim while I was working. Instead, the tube popped out. It was a very sunny winter day by the way, but the entrance hall was pretty hot from the sun.