Wholly Moley - ventured down the A41 today

Claud Roubaix
Claud Roubaix Posts: 76
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Generally I have been riding back roads as they are so much quieter, however today my route brought me to travel south alonmg the A41 for 6 miles.
That was most definitely an education!!
I wouldnt go as far as to say i was terrified but I was certainly a little more than perturbed!
I have read comments on here about lorries sucking you towards them, and only now do I understand what it means.

There is a trade off as ever I suppose - but as you guys will already know the road surface was SO much better.

Still its another milestone met, after all you cant avoid A roads totally really.



  • turnerjohn
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    there have been various threads on high-speed / dual carriageway riding....for what its worth I ride a bit on the A13 and actaully find it safer then the cyclepath ! you just have to be really on the ball !
  • It hasn't put me off as such, but has made me realise one has to be vigilant or as you say, on the ball.