Think I have a problem with my bike - query

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Bike is going in to LBS from where it was brought (is under 6 months old) at weekend, because am concerned it might have a problem.

Over the last 3/4 rides, when using the front braking, I have been getting juddering, which feels like it is coming from the forks / Stem and not being caused by the brakes. The best way to describe it, is it feels like the juddering you get when your ABS starts working if you jam on your car brakes.

I have tried spinning the front wheel when off the bike and use the front brake, and it doesn't feel like the brakes or a misaligned wheel is causing the problem, because i'm not getting the juddering at that point.

I also thought initially that it might have been rough roads that was causing it initially, but out at the weekend on a new route, nice smooth tarmacked (sp) road - yes some do exist in the UK and I was still getting the juddering.

Any thoughts, I ask because I am not mechanically minded and it would be nice to have an idea of what might be causing the problem before I arrive at the LBS. (the last time I got something similar, was with an old racer bike I had as a kid, which got badly mistreated and one day I used the front brake and the top of the fork broke away from the stem - this new bike is my "Sunday" best, so gets the full love and care it deserves......)


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    could be;
    - headset loose
    - wheel quick release loose
    - wheel bearings loose
    - front brake loose
    - something on the rim or a rim joint that means the brake surface isnt smooth
    - brake pads are touching the tire under breaking ....very bad as can cause a blow out !
    - anything else loose; stem / bars / shifter
    give them a try !
  • You steering head bearings need adjusting that's all it's just bedding in simple fix
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    Thank you for your thoughts, have tried a couple of the extra easy suggested possibles, hopefully it is as indicated a quick fix and I can get out on the bike this weekend as well