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Lily Allen.

capt_slogcapt_slog Posts: 3,601
edited July 2013 in The bottom bracket
Oi, Lily Allen, NO!

You said you'd retired, and now you're back with some more of your "T" dropping tripe. That's just not fair when you'd got everyone's hopes up.

The older I get, the better I was.


  • VTechVTech Posts: 4,736
    She is wonderful.
    She speaks her mind and from the heart. The world is a better place for people like Lily.
    Living MY dream.
  • VmanF3VmanF3 Posts: 240
    ...the conversation got boring...
    Big Red, Blue, Pete, Bill & Doug
  • VTechVTech Posts: 4,736
    You said you were goin to bed soon.
    (Unashamedly) I snook off to your bedroom (of course in the hope that you were in fact a hot lass wanting some overweight 40 something) ;)
    Living MY dream.
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