Do you ever check your spare tubes?

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I was fortunate in that I had a puncture when I got my bike out this morning. Well fortunate that I was at home because both my spare tubes in my saddlebag had splits in them probably caused by rubbing against my keys or multi-tool. So who checks their spare tubes?

I will be packing the saddlebag a little more carefully in future.


  • Mikey23
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    I do since one of the two I had with me had failed...
  • Schoie81
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    I have to say it has crossed my mind to blow it up and check it, but i've never actually done it. I wondered if I blow it up to try it, will I ever be able to get it flat and wrapped up as tight as when they come out of the box? Or are they like tents and OS maps - never go back to how they were before the first time you used them?
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  • drlodge
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    I keep my spare tube (a) in a bag and (b) in a little "pouch" or pocket within the saddle bag so it should stay well protected. That said, I haven't checked it in ages.
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  • alihisgreat
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    One in a tube bag, and one in the pocket.. plus some park tools patches just in case.