saddle sores

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Would welcome any advice on how to treat these and then how to prevent?

I've tried a few saddles and got some nice Assos Bibs - still not helping...

Also is rest the only way to treat them? Any amazing cures been found?


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    I think there's a few good threads about this so worth doing a search. Lot's of people suggest using Sudocrem.

    I've just bought some Assos Chamois Creme and its the mutts danglies. I would strongly suggest you buy some and apply it onto your chamois pad after every wash and onto your skin directly before every ride. It's AWESOME stuff and well worth the £12.99 price tag.
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    I use Sudocreme as a preventative measure and it works fine. Have also used vaseline in the past and thats ok too. Never noticed either of them damaging my clothing.
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    I tried sudocrem and bepanthen with no effect. What's working for me is using an acne cream with 10% benzoyl peroxide in it. Be careful, though, because it bleaches everything it comes into contact with. So you have to wash and rinse very carefully in the shower, otherwise towels and bathmats will have orange patches on them. :-( Oops!

    I tried to get some at Boots, but they had none. Clean and Clear Persa-gel 10 is what I use. A tiny blob on the affected region prevents them.

    I had to rest up and get rid of the old ones before it worked, too.


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    I got sore before this years L2P and used my trusty Assos repair cream, keep off the bike for 3 days and apply it a few times a day, works a treat.
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    When my seat was a bit too high I found I got more sores. Dropped it by 1 cm and was much better

    Sudocreme is good once you have showered
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    Tea tree/Witch Hazel type spot zapper things are meant to be quite good. Failing that, Dettol and wire brush. And use chamois creme if you don't already.
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    Surgical spirit-anti septic and toughens the skin up-use sparingly.
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    Vary your shorts. Using solely the same type will mean pressure in the same place every time you ride. Use Assos chamois creme to reduce rubbing. Use an antiseptic cream such as Germolene to soothe any pressure points after you ride. Have a shower or bath after a ride and keep your undercarriage scrupulously clean.
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    CTC wrote:
    When my seat was a bit too high I found I got more sores. Dropped it by 1 cm and was much better

    This. The first thing to do to prevent saddle sores is making sure your bike fit is spot on. I've found that a small adjustment of just a few mm can make all the difference.

    Re chamois cream everyone has a fave. Personally I've found the Assos stuff to be the best for undergoolie health but I like the menthol Chapeau stuff too purely for the smell!
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    i had a really sore area and i was amazed how fast METANIUM nappy rash cream worked.. only £2:80
    now bought assos cream to hopefully prevent it in future, not used it yet though.. but didnt have any issues in the last 2,000 miles iv pedalled.. must be the recent heat
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    Chamois cream to prevent (Assos or Chapeau)....rub it in your ass AND rub it into the chamois of your shorts for double protection. Try to get out your bib shorts and shower as soon as you finish a ride....don't sit around in them. Its the nasties in the sweat, etc that makes it all worse.

    Use Sudocream to treat a saddle sore, not to prevent it. Sudocream is a barrier, it will not prevent saddle sores as a chamois cream will such as Assos or Chapeau.
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    It may play havoc with OCD but twisting your saddle very slightly away from the side where it is sore works for some people.
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    Do not wear underpants with padded bike shorts. Any additional layer between your skin and the saddle is dangerous. And make sure, that the sweat can get away - material of the padding and shorts.
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    It surprises me that cyclists seem to like Sudocreme so much, when Metanium contains titanium. It's obvious that's going to make you quicker :-)

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