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Beyond Hamsterley.

Rad2474Rad2474 Posts: 162
edited July 2013 in Routes
Got myself a copy of Beyond Hamsterley last week and went out on the Edmondbyers Blancheland route today. Lots of uphill on this route but i suppose that's to be expected in the area it's once you go off road across the moor that the problems begin, some places i had to get off because the tracks are so deeply rutted my pedals were catching and most of the tracks are so badly covered in rocks and boulders it's practically walking pace for most or the time my average speed for the route was 6.6mph. Not a route i'll be doing again just hope there are some better one's in the book.


  • oodboooodboo Posts: 2,171
    Done that route a few times and enjoyed it, didn't have any problems but it has been a few years since I rode it.
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