Strange tubular tyre lump

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I was out on a ride yesterday and right near the end of the 30 miler the bike began to feel strangle like I was going over a bumpy road or the wheels were ovals. When I got back I had a look at the wheels and the rear tyre (tufo S3 lite <215) didnt spin right as it has a lumpy bit near the valve stem in addition to this the seat tube had a fine film of the latex used in the wheels to fill punctures. This is the first time this has happened what should I do to fix it?


  • ugo.santalucia
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    Tufo "tubulars" cannot be fixed... if latex doesn't seal them ,there is not much else you can do as the tube and the carcass are joined together

    The bulge is probably a rip in the carcass
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    Maybe, in the future, you should stay away from so called "lite" tires and use something with a bit more meat to it. Especially when simply "out on a ride".