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Hi all

Newbie here. Picked up my new Pinnacle Cobalt 3 hybrid about 6 weeks or so ago and enjoying getting back into riding. Got it through Ride2Work, so only had the choice of Evans before people start telling me what a great bike i could have got for the money! haha.

So it came with these ergo grips and i really can't get on with them. They make my hands ache when i've been out for anything over half an hour. So i'd really like to replace them with some standard type grips. I also want to get some bar ends (nothing flash) as i used to have these "back in the day" and found it so much easier for uphill. I live in Brighton, so there's a fair few inclines about.

The ergo grips i have are lock-ons. This didn't exist last time i rode, so i'm a bit in the dark about it and when trying to research i just get swamped with so many choices and options, it's a bit baffling.

Any advice, recommendations on this sort of thing?



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    Before you scrap the ergo grip, are you completely sure they are in the correct orientation? I know it sounds silly but obviously if they are sightly tilted up or down it will make them far more uncomfortable? Maybe the way you hold the handle bar might mean you need to change its angle a little? Give that a look/try first. As far as bar ends go you can get ones that are there own item as it were or integral lock on grips with a bar end on the ends. Have a search on the reviews part on here, I am sure there will be plenty under grips for you to look at. Best of luck :D