dura ace 7800 srm chainrings

dawebbo Posts: 456
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I'm running Ultegra Di2 and since changing my old 7900 chainset with a 7800 srm it has been noticeably less happy when cross chained, which I assume is due to the 7900 chainrings being slightly wider spaced and a bit stiffer.

The srm chainrings are looking a bit worn now, so probably due replacing regardless. Notwithstanding that it might look slightly odd, I'm wondering whether I could use 7900 ones (http://www.wiggle.co...hainring-outer/) or perhaps the cheaper stronglight CT2 7900s (http://www.bike24.co...00,4,122;lang=2).

Has anyone tried either of these on this chainset? Also, do they work with regular chain ring bolts, or is there something special needed?