Ground anchor- Concrete D lock

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Hello, I am moving to a new place and can't afford a shed to lock away my bike.

For the mean time I was thinking of digging a hole in the garden filling it with concrete and sinking a D lock in it. Then locking my bike with a chain connected to the D lock. Is this idea crazy?

I know I need to make the whole big enough so a thief couldn't just pull it out. What do you guys think?

I just have a garden and won't be buying a shed for a couple of months. The area has a low crime rate as far as I can see on the government website.

I was also considering something along the lines of this ... f=1&t=8082


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    It should be fine, they could still nick the saddle/post, wheels, bars - not very likely i would have thought in a low crime rate area. I presume you've thought about protecting the bike from the elements.

    Could you not just keep it in the dining room or spare bedroom - or hang it on the wall in the lounge :wink:
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    Yes they could do that i guess. The GF is not happy with putting the bike inside. The last time I did that all the walls were covered in black grease. SO I think it will be outside for now. I may even buy a shed, and put the ground anchor inside the shed.

    I have found this anchor on ebay ... vi-content

    Looks pretty serious. Well I plan on locking the wheels to the frame. Seat post and bars I guess I cannot do much about that.

    All I need to do is find a spade and fork to start digging!
  • Mtfu and keep it in the house or chances are it will go missing
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    if it's got to stay outside i'd look at hanging it up on the wall as high as possible - makes it much harder for casual theft
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    I have no wall. My plan is to dig a deep hole, then later put a shed over the top. I won't be hanging it on the wall.
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    I would keep it in the house even if it is a low crime area, it only takes one skank to spoil your day.
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    I've always thought that the tube type anchor is more secure than a D lock that could be cut. As you're digging the hole, put a tube in it that you can pass your chain through before you pour the concrete.

    You can build the tube from plumbing fittings, but I used a high voltage cable conduit.

    Another tip is once you've dug the hole, bang some lengths of rebar into the ground, leaving enough sticking out for the concrete to grip. It'll make it much harder to dig/ pull out.