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Avid Juicy 3 pad annoyance

CarlosisCarlosis Posts: 3
edited July 2013 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all,

Have had my Specialized Rockhopper since 2008 and have never had it checked, serviced or anything.

Only within the last few months have the brakes started being a bit cack. I checked out a few vids on how to remove the pads to check for wear, sand them to bring back some stopping power and fit them back in.

It took me atleast 20 minutes to get one set of pads out and could'nt get them back in! then i compressed the lever and one piston essentially fell out followed by loads of brake fluid.

I do plan on taking it to my local bike shop so they can probably tell me to have it serviced or get a new one but thought i'd just get some advice on here to give me any tips on what step i should take next, either buy a bleed kit and do it all myself, get a shop to do it for me or buy a whole new brake.



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