House and Bike Insurance

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Just about to renew my house insurance and wondered if anybody had come across an insurance company that will insure an expensive bike within their house insurance. I know Marks and Spencer did, however just checked and they no longer offer this service.

Any help and advice would be great please....



  • rus6
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    Hiscox and Castle Cover both 'used' to have a 5K cover as standard, but they aren't cheap policies. Worth checking if they still do.

    Actually Regal do as well, I think that's who I'm with at the moment...
  • izza
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    I have Chubb and it covers the house and the bike (value around £7k if I made a claim).

    I've not found a limitation where bike is (UK or Europe) and how I use it (sportive, training, etc.) I don't race so not sure about competitive use.
  • Gizmodo
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    I was with Churchill until I phoned them to add my new bike. They only insure bikes up to £2000, even when you specify it and pay extra.

    So I got a quote from Marks and Sparks, they will allow you to specify expensive bikes as named items. Their quote was £570.

    My wife turned 50 so next I went to Saga, again specifying the bike, with contents and buildings, £280 including the bike whilst away from the house as long as it is locked (they don't specify any minimum specification for locks, I asked them).

    I know that NFU (National Farmers Union) will include it on their home insurance.
  • Alexvs
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    I'm with Esure and had 2 bikes totaling £1,700 on my policy, both as specified items which covers in and out of the house including accidental damage. I had both stolen last month and they paid out eventually as a cheque but originally wanted me to use Wheelies as they get discount through them. Thankfully they didn't have anything in my bikes range with the same spec so told them I need to go local and they agreed. I then used the total value for buying a single bike and have now put that on the policy which is £1,900 this time. I asked if they had limits and they said no I just have to pay for it as a specified item. This one cost about £80 to add and includes worldwide cover for 60 days.

    Only limitation is they don't include anything classed as an accessory as my additional parts such as new saddle, pedals and stem were not covered. They also refused to cover my Garmin 800 but I argued and got half paid. This time round the person I spoke to said that it should've been covered under personal possessions and they've added a note to say that it will be covered should it be stolen from my home.