Urgent help needed!

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Does anyone know of somewhere I can hire a road bike in Norfolk??

I'm going there on Saturday for a two week holiday and today purchased a bike carrier for the car and then put it together only for the mrs to get home and say she doesn't want me to use it as she doesn't 'trust it' to stay on the car! :cry:

I can't bear the thought of not riding a road bike for two weeks....please don't say I've got to hire one of those Norfolk Boris bikes to clunk around the lanes at 10mph!

Any help/suggestions would be gratefully received!



  • smidsy
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    Just use the carrier. Who wears the trousers in your gaff anyway. :-)

    Seriously they are perfectly fine if you fit everything correctly.
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  • Yeah, I think that's what I need to do mate!

    If my bike overtakes me as I slow for a roundabout I know I've got it wrong. :wink:
  • thistle_
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    No space to take the wheels off your bike and transport it inside the car?
  • Wirral_paul
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    Just MTFU and tell her you're using the rack to take your bike - and thats all there is too it!! :lol::lol:

    Seriously - just make sure it is assembled correctly and you follow the instructions for fitting it. The bike will be fine. I fit mine on the back of a mk1 MR2 and whilst the bike looks bigger than the car, i've never had an issue. Bungee straps are very handy - i fit one through the front wheel and hook it to the chainset to hold the front wheel straight
  • arran77
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    Put the bike in the car and the wife on the rack, job done :wink:
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  • Schoie81
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    Is there a particular reason you aren't cycling to Norfolk...? Kill two birds with one stone!! :wink:
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  • Panic over everyone, just done a dummy run and it's put our minds at ease. It felt pretty secure so I'm just gonna take my time fitting it again on Saturday. As long as I take it steady on the way and watch for any movement it should be ok.

    Thanks Paul, bungees are a great idea for added peace of mind.

    Now looking forward to taking on all of Norfolks notorious climbs :lol:
  • Lycra-Byka
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    Next time she buys (was gonna say iron or washing machine but decided against it) an appliance tell her you don't trust it, and you want her to not use it.

    It's a bike rack, meant to attach a bike to a car.

    Besides, it's your bike anyway.
  • smidsy
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    Lycra-Byka wrote:
    Next time she buys (was gonna say iron or washing machine but decided against it) an appliance

    Oh you rescued that then :shock: :lol:
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