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Do you let your kids bike by themselves?

Bikergurl101Bikergurl101 Posts: 4
Hello friends! :D

I'm just conducting this poll for a school project so it would be really helpful if any parents here would fill this out for me. It just concerns whether or not you would allow your children to bike around your neighborhood (or maybe farther) without any supervision. If you could also take some time to elaborate on your answer (if you have any more specifics you want to add) that would also be awesome.

Lastly, if you answered no, make a post below if you would let your child bike around if you could track the location of their bike.

Thank you very much! :D:D

Do you let your children (under 15) bike places by themselves? 18 votes

Yes, they're free to go wherever they want
5% 1 vote
Yes, but they have a limited area in which they can go
33% 6 votes
Yes, but I need to always be able to contact them (through phone)
11% 2 votes
Yes, but they need to be back by a certain time
11% 2 votes
No, I'm scared of them getting lost
0% 0 votes
No, I'm worried that they might be led off by someone strange
0% 0 votes
No, they're too young
33% 6 votes
No, they're too immature
5% 1 vote
No, they wouldn't keep track of time and come home on time
0% 0 votes


  • Yes, with conditions. Only in daylight, only on an agreed route and preferably but not obligatory with other children friends. He always gets a safety reminder before leaving (about vehicles and narrow lanes).

    He's aged 10 and we live in a rural area.
  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    Daughter, aged 7. Inner city area with largely quiet streets and a few very busy arterials. Local park.

    She's fine riding in and around the park by herself. I escort her on the roads - quiet streets mainly, but also behind her on the arterials. She's getting very close to me being happy for her to do the quiet streets herself.

    Daughter, aged 4. Will ride her runbike and her pedal bike in the park. Largely under supervision.
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  • johnboy183johnboy183 Posts: 781
    Although an accomplished rider at age 6, I won't let him go by himself. Partly because if he has puncture he'll be stuck. As for the dogy character risk, the thought is always there in the background though I know that statistically it's unlikely to happen. However I don't want him to be part of that statistic.
  • tlw1tlw1 Posts: 19,195
    Aged 8 & 6

    Whilst the oldest can do 20 mile rides, not allowed out of sight. I lost my brother when he was 10 in a bike accident so very worried!
  • Daz555Daz555 Posts: 4,040
    Mine are only 6 and 3. 3 yr old is miles away from being anywhere on her own but my eldest lad - I can see me letting him go out on his own or with friends next year - cycle paths and parks only though at first. We'll see what the wife says!
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  • WoodmonkeyWoodmonkey Posts: 412
    7,4 and 3.
    3 no
    4 not really
    7 not at home due to area we live, but gets a lot more freedom on campsites
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  • marylogicmarylogic Posts: 355
    My kids are 6 and 3.

    My 6 year old is only just getting used to riding his own bike - he has spent a lot of time on our tandem and we neglected his own riding. He is not aware or confident enough yet on his own bike.

    3 year old is a loose cannon, can't ever see me being completely comfortable letting her go off on her own, but I suppose I will have to some day
  • madtammadtam Posts: 141
    Yes but they are older now and youngest is 14 yrs.
    From about 9-10 years old they could take the bike to school and use locally. From 11 years when they started high school they were free to roam but advised with caution and preferably within an agreed area and time so we at least had an indication of where they are.
    The youngest is the only keen cyclist and for the last year has used his for transport locally and trips out to between 20-25 miles away. Traffic is still a worry as he still seems to lack some awareness of what is/could be happening around him and anyway often tries to go too fast all the time so doesn't make concessions for traffic. However, I still remember the freedom a bike gave to me at a similar age and I am not taking that away from him even if I could.
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  • 13 Year old yes for the places she goes on her bike with mobile in pocket.
    9 year old no, still too young and anyway she always wants company on her rides. The two of them together fine.
    Oh and they both know it is illegal to ride on the pavement unless it is also a bike path which few adults, let alone kids, round here (edge of the Peak District) seem to get!
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