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Tektro Draco brakes

Francd1Francd1 Posts: 10
edited July 2013 in MTB workshop & tech

I took a look at my brothers bike today, his rear brake has stopped working properly, apparently there pressure on the brake lever was fine but the pads were not stopping the rotor. Unhelpfully he took the reservoir cap off and managed to get a shed load of air into the system.

I bled the system and the level pressure is now ok, I'm no certain what I should expect better from the brakes but figured it was probably the best I could get considering they are budget brakes.

The brake doesn't work at all though, I think he must have got some GT85 on the rotor or pads or contaminated them in some way.

The one thing that did seem strange to me though and could be the answer is that one of the pistons will not go flush with the caliper which makes aligning the pads with the rotor difficult. Is this right or is there something wrong with the caliper. I've looked around from some manuals on these brakes but can't find anything.


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