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Can anyone tell me whether they think a bikeboxalan will fit on the rear seats of a 3 series BMW? I forgot to take measurements this morning but it looks like there is plenty of room.


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  • stueys
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    The issue will probably be getting it into the back seat, I suspect your struggle to get the box in the door opening with the rear transmission tunnel that the 3 series has. Making a template out of newspaper is the only real way to find out.
  • Intherain
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    Thanks. Think I'll chuck the roof bars on just to be sure. Guess I will find out later if it will sit across the back seats or not!
    Yes, I like riding in the rain...
  • mallorcajeff
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    Im pretty sure it wont go through the door. I used mine on friday and pit both seats down in the back of a subaru forrester and it wasnt full but it was more than the rear seats of a three series for sure.