thanks for the help near Bala today.

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If you were the guys (focus and giant) who lent me an allen key to release my back brake cable after breaking a spoke you don't know how grateful I am. Brake was rubbing that hard I could only manage about 8mph in lowest gear on the flat with heart rate at about 165. Carry tools people ! Always do on mtb but just a tube etc on road bike. About 200 miles on a new scott speedster 20 so not too impressed.


  • trailflow
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    You do know there is a cable release lever on the caliper ?
  • grim168
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    It was way beyond the cable release lever.Wheel was catching chainstay it was that out of shape and only from one spoke.
  • Bozman
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    A few years back I found a bloke sitting at the side of the road next to his bike, one spoke had snapped on his Mavic sls and the wheel was that bad the bike was unrideable, lucky for him his wife was on her way to pick him up.
    I didn't realise that one snapped spoke could be that catastrophic, I'd guess that the lower the spoke count the greater the damage.
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    Mate had a rear spoke snap in the alps. As you say - low spoke count.
    He had to buy a set of cosmics to salvage his trip.
    Hard to find exotic spokes on top of a mountain.
  • grim168
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    Couldn't even push it till I loosened the brake cable back wheel just locked up. Dropped it off this morning at leisure lakes for 6 week check and new spoke or even new wheel was mentioned. Annoyed the paint has been rubbed off the inside of one chainstay.