Major milestone on my first solo ride

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I received my Canyon a couple of weeks ago - my first bike for 20 or 25 years, since I was a kid, in fact. Before today I'd been out on it four times, closely supervised by my OH, as these were my first rides on roads next to 2 tonne metal boxes. Eek.

He's busy today so I thought I'd get up nice and early and ride solo.

I went to Richmond Park, did three laps clockwise in 42:48, into a 30mph headwind and near horizontal sleet. :lol:

But the real achievement was drinking from the bottle whilst on the move - I feel like I've graduated!

Actually, I did three laps in 1:24:30 - but it was clockwise and I am a girl. With travel, to/from it was 28.8 miles averaging 14.3mph (moving). I was quite happy with that.


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    Tidy work, now do it again!
  • Gethinceri wrote:
    Tidy work, now do it again!
    Yeah, I didn't spill any of it!

    You mean the ride? OK - but don't tell the OH, he might start getting competitive...
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    1 hour 24 for three laps around richmond park on just your 5th ride is pretty impressive. Nice one!