Edge 500 file discrepancy

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I wonder if anyone has come across this. I upload my Garmin 500 files to Garmin's site and also SportsTracklive.

There are discrepancies between both sites from the same files. Start time is out by an hour, distance out by a couple of kilometres and highest speed can be out by as much 10kmh. Garmin's site show lower values If I check speeds on the maps SportsTrack show higher speeds in several positions.


  • supermurph09
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    Time could be due to different time zone settings?
  • sungod
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    peak speed may be down to different smoothing algorithms/parameters

    for distance errors, possibilities include differences in how transient errors in position data are handled, if you look at the raw data you may find it contains some crazy values on a few samples

    you don't say how long the route was, if it was long and twisty or with many climbs then garmin's 2d join the dots algorithm will under report distance, a more sophisticated curve fitting algorithm using altitude or terrain fitting will give differet results, no idea if the website uses such techniques but it's a possible explanation
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    There's many issues that can occur. Maybe it's your Edge that causes it? Have you tried getting it to some expert to take a look at it? Could be a delay in speed of updating or the terrain you're riding on. Depends a lot, really.