New Bike - Tyre fault?

arranj Posts: 66
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Basically it goes like this, I drive 160 miles to pick up a new bike, get it home and go out for the maiden voyage.

BANG. Rear tyre blow out...dazed, confused, walking the 400m that it lasted home.

Get home put a new tube in, inflate and see that at pressure the tyre lifts off the rim in 1 place, comparing to the blown tube, exactly the same place.

Is this a tyre defect? Is this common?



  • smoggysteve
    smoggysteve Posts: 2,909
    Sounds like the rim is defective. I would be taking it back to the shop and asking for replacement wheel. If it were the tyre I would not expect it to raise off the rim like you say. Can you take a pic to shop problem?

    p.s - is the place you say it lifts anywhere near the valve?
  • arranj
    arranj Posts: 66
    Yes, a couple of inches from the valve.

    I just rotated the tyre 180 and it seems to have dissipated!!
  • Monty Dog
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    If the tyres weren't fitted correctly, the inner was trapped under the bead leading to the blow out. i'd suspect installation, then tyres and wheel last.
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