Dangerous drivers.

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Near misses and drivers who fail to stop for you even though you have priority over oncoming vehicles seems to be a regular occurence on my daily 15 mile commute to and from work and it's starting to grind my gears as these situations could become fatal and they happen on average about 7 times a day!

So i've decided to go out and buy a helmet cam to get the number plates of the drivers who fail to drive responsibly and in a safe manner

My question is will the police do anything with video evidence of clear dangerous driving?


  • HiCadence wrote:

    My question is will the police do anything with video evidence of clear dangerous driving?

    Probably not, only where an accident has occurred.
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    How long have you been riding for? I'm guessing not too long? ....You'll get used to it, just keep your wits about you, always expect EVERYONE (car, motorbike, pedestrian, fellow cyclist etc.) to do something stupid, try to anticipate every possible scenario and ensure your always ready to take avoiding action.

    You'll get used to it!
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    About 3 years but this is the first time i've ever actually commuted to work (haven't worked for a while) before this i was doing country lane routes but with this commute it takes me through a couple of city centres during rush hour.

    Do i just suck it up then and get on with it?

    Still getting the camera today though :P If somebody does unfortunatly hit me at least i'll have it on camera.
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    As matty says, you'll get used to it and do try to expect other road users to do stupid things. After a few years I now just anticipate the worst at every junction and every approaching car, and that's saved me from nasty crashes several times because I had already begun slowing down just in case someone pulled out in front of me, or because I was ready to take evasive action.

    That said, it's still annoying when it happens because it wouldn't be happening if there wasn't a significant percentage of motorists who are f*cking idiots. The level of impatience and arrogance and ignorance on display is breathtaking at times. If more people get exposed doing this stuff via helmet cameras it can only help in my opinion. Obviously it's not ideal if drivers start behaving around cyclists just in case they have a camera on, but it's better than nothing.
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    You must have and use 2 pairs of eyes.1 pair for your self and 1 pair for the driver who has not and will not see you.

    Lets be carefull out there. :D
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    yeah, like the others have said this happens all the time. you get used to it and can kind of predict who is likely to do something bad by their road position, speed, if they have begun braking or not etc.

    when approaching a joining road or whilst on a roundabout i always look at the approaching driver from a good distance away until i can see they have noticed i'm there, if not i slow down to make sure they are stopping
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