Worst service to date

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Hello all,

Had a very annoying Evans Notting Hill experience today... Since there is no-one else home yet to tell my rant I thought I'd vent some anger on here...

Last weekend I called up Evans to book a frame in to have a bottom bracket faced and the threads chased. First time I asked the guy said he'd check what bottom brackets they had in stock. I explained I didn't need a bottom bracket and just needed facing and chasing. He said I'll see what we have in stock... eventually he went away to ask someone, came back and asked what thread. I said Italian. He went away for a bit again then came back and booked me in. So today, after 6 days on the waiting list, I take the frame into Evans, explain again what's needed and am told that the job will be done by 6 and I'll get a text when it's ready. 6 o'clock - no text. Went down to Evans to get the frame anyway. Guy goes down to the workshop and comes back with the frame saying 'We couldnt do it. Sorry you didn't get a text. Its an Italian threaded bottom bracket." I told him "yes I know I said that." He said 'it's an Italian thread' again. "we don't have tools for bottom brackets with Italian threads." And so on..

So, now back to square one, joining another week and a bit long waiting list. Unbelievable waste of time and good weather.


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    Could have been worse , they might have tried to chase it with the english tool. You would have thought they could ring to say they could not do it . Sounds like you need to find a good independent shop or mechanic , a local club might have someone they use.
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  • murvis1er
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    True. That would have been worse. Luckily the mechanic knew what he was doing, and suggested somewhere that would have the tools, although it's ruddy miles away.

    My usual lbs doesn't have tools either (unlike evans they told me straight away). There is one place nearby that I'm sure could do it but the waiting list is massive being based in London and specialising in vintage bikes :wink:
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    Get a dog?

    I think having to pick up warm cr4p would only make it worse :lol:
  • Typical Evans IME I steer clear of them myself
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    halfround wrote:
    Could have been worse , they might have tried to chase it with the english tool.

    Sounds like they did - the one who served him
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    looks like Halfords have competition...
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    I'd blame Wiggle.
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