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Riding near Matson Woods in Gloucestershire

Clarke_111Clarke_111 Posts: 22
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Hi all,

Firstly a quick hello as I am new around here, and in fact new to MTB'ing. I have ridden on the raod for a few years, but now looking to diversify a bit, and loving it.

I have a quick question I was hoping somebody could help me with. I have a spa weekend booked with my wife this weekend right next to Matson Woods in Gloucester. The weekend was a wedding gift, but I am not all that keen on spas so looking to take the bike and use it as an excuse to ride somewhere different for a couple of days, with a free pass while the other half has the massages!

What I wanted to know is does any one know of any good riding in the area. Looks a big space on google maps, but not sure how you find out about local trails etc. I have tried a quick google search, but without much look. How can you find out what an area is like to ride (and even if you can legally ride there!?)

Does anyone know the area and could offer me a few tips on where to go? It doesn't need to be that exciting - I am only a beginner, so fairly happy riding anything. Would take my roadie, but seeing this on the hotel doorstep I was keen to have a go, no good if there is nothing to ride though.

Any advice would be much appreicated.

Thanks all,



  • paulboxpaulbox Posts: 1,203
    Forest of Dean! Great riding.
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  • pete_spete_s Posts: 213
    Hi Chris,

    Not been to Matson Woods before but I personally wouldn't want to hang around that area of Gloucester for too long.

    There's some good biking locally, however.

    1/ Forest of Dean - - 40mins. drive from Gloucester.
    I've only been round here once and I did the Freeminer's trail. It's OK but I don't rate it too much. I've heard the Verders trail is better. The Forest of Dean offers the most choice of trails in once central location.

    2/ Leckhampton - 20mins. drive from Gloucester
    Nice little place to have a bash round if you've got a couple of hours to kill. It's not very big though so you'll probaly do it all quite quickly. There's a fun quarry area just below the cliffs that is quite good. Lots of little descents that are only a few meters in length but allow you to practice technical skills.

    3/ Cranham - ... v4-web.jpg - 15mins. drive from Gloucester
    I can only remember this trail before the restrictions came in to place. It was pretty good. I liked it but you'll need that map. It's all covered in forest which I love.

    4/ Cleeve Hill (Cheltenham) - 25mins. drive from Gloucester
    Full of sheep censored . Some fast trails but it's a bit of mission getting to it and they aren't very long. A LOT of up hill riding. However there is an impressive Long Barrow which is worth a look.

    5/ Bredon Hill (nr. Tewkesbury) - 30mins. drive from Gloucester
    A nice ride. I like it alot here and views are absolutely amazing. Some fast downhill sections which you don't need to put much concentration in to. There's also this cool stone thing that looks like an elephant (The Elephant Stone :wink:)

    If you're around on Sunday give me a shout and we can meet up somewhere and go for a ride if you'd like.
  • TCR4x4TCR4x4 Posts: 38
    I take it youve already been, in which case you would have found Matson Woods are actually a part of Robinswood Hill country park, where cycling is prohibited! Well, technically its part of the golf course, but you cant ride there either!
    The closest decent ride would be the canal paths from Gloucester Docks, but as mentioned, the Forest of Dean is the place to go.

    Was it the Hallmark you went to? My wife goes there a lot and seems to rave about it.
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