Quick Release Skewers Wheel Movement

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HI guys,

Relatively new to cycling and have a question re the above. On both my front and rear wheels there is very slight lateral movement when the wheels are fixed in place with the QR skewers. Just want to check that this is normal or should the wheel be firmly fixed in place?. BIke was recently checked over by Cytech guy and everything was ok but I have never noticed this before and just wanted to ensure this is ok.
Thanks for your help.


  • it doesnt sound it to be honest
  • wakou
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    Sounds like bearings rather than QR's
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    No, that's not normal. It could just be that you need to tighten the QRs a bit - when you close them they should be firmly closed.

    If that doesn't do it then your bearings will need adjusted - Park Tool has a good guide for that. It's fiddly but very satisfying when you get it. You'd need some cone spanners for that.
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    I have my cup & cone bearings adjusted properly so if I can detect any lateral wheel movement it means the QR isn't tight enough. When the QR is properly done up there is no lateral movement at all.

    If you can detect lateral movement despite the QRs being closed properly your wheel bearings may need adjustment / replacement
  • Thanks guys, getting it checked out tomorrow.