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I have only recently started a new job.

Is there a time period I must serve with a coming before applying


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    You need to ask your company if they are on a scheme.
    Guessing that as long as you have completed any probationary period with them you can go on the scheme straight away.
    If they are not on a scheme but happy to join one I think Evans Cycles Ride to Work is the easiest for them to join and they handle the period after the initial 12 months so the bike is yours with no hassle or further payments.
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    I am not aware that you have to have worked for a company for a set amount of time before becoming eligible for the tax-free cycles schemes. Unless you are sure (well, as sure as you can be anyway) that you'll be working there until all the monthly payments have been taken from you salary, check out what happens if your employment is terminated for any reason - if you leave after 9months for exmaple, you may end up having to give the bike back and losing all the money you've paid over the 9 months. If your job is pretty secure and you have not intentions of moving on though, you should be ok.

    The company (if they aren't already in a scheme) don't HAVE to join a scheme to allow you to get a tax-free bike - their accountants / accounts department can sort it all themselves and I've been told its not difficult to do. But I guess a lot of companies just wont want the hassle, but it makes getting your bike a little easier for you as you can get it from anywhere and you don't have to wait for approval etc... you can just go to a shop and buy it there and then.

    I personally think the schemes are excellent - it has got me into cycling and got me two bikes I simply wouldn't have been able to afford otherwise.
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    In our company scheme, you have to be a permanent employee. I.E. No temp staff, agency workers or contractors
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    Company I work for don't have a set period you have to work for but they only have a 1 month window when you can apply for it. It opens in Nov so I got my bike in Jan.

    I would def recommend the scheme. I am new to cycling but managed to get a Giant Defy 1, shoes and pedals all for the max £1000. If I had be paying it all in one go there is no way I would have spent that much so ended up getting a great bike instead of an OK bike.

    Good luck!