Sore knees

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I've never had an issue with my knees before but since doing a 100k a month ago I've had sore knees.
I've tried taking a few days off and then trying to do some smaller rides but still they ache.
I know I'm getting older and never having done any excersise for the past 20 years hasn't helped but I'm really enjoying the cycling but the pain is doing my head in.
It's not really painful but they ache constantly.

Someone said take cod liver oil tablets for the joints ? Anyone do similar ?
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  • smoggysteve
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    Try taking a break from the bike for a week. Think you just need a rest for a while. Especially after a 100k in amonth ride if its not something you are used to.
  • Omar Little
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    Might be related to your position on the bike in particular saddle height, often these issues only become apparent after a long ride when they dont seem to be an issue on shorter ones.
  • Peddle Up!
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    Cleat settings? A common cause of knee problems.
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  • Mikey23
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    Cadence? I was getting a lot of knee pain when I started cos I was grinding out at too low a gear. Upped my cadence and it went away quite quickly. Now I'm fitter and stronger, I'm tending to lower my gears again and sore knees are starting to creep back
  • VTech
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    I was initially told cadence but have upped average from 68 on the 100k to 80 now.

    I have recently higher end my saddle though and also do get pain in my right foot which feels like cleat placement issue.
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  • Mikey41
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    I also raised my saddle and then started getting more knee pain , so I lowered it again. It's still a touch higher than was originally, but now the issue has gone away again. Too high can be as bad as too low.
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  • smoggysteve
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    Sometimes , the simplest explanation is the right one. Just take a break from the bike for a while. If you ran 100k in a month you would have saw knees and feet as well!! Your setup has been fine up til now so why start tinkering?
  • seanoconn
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    Regular stretching and before and after rides. Quads, glutes and hamstrings. Tight muscles can put pressure on your knees.
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  • sungod
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    where are they sore?

    front/back/inside/outside, central/above/below
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    but I thought from another post of yours you've had a fit from Adrian Timmins? If that's right I would ask him.
  • keef66
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    Ibuprofen 4 times a day for a week and lay off the bike completely. If that doesn't settle it down, see a doctor.
  • Paul E
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    keef66 wrote:
    Ibuprofen 4 times a day for a week and lay off the bike completely. If that doesn't settle it down, see a doctor.

    And ice it too, ligaments don't have as much of an extensive blood supply as muscles so they don't adapt and repair as quickly and the ice will take any remaining inflamation down as things don't repair as long as there is inflamation. I get the same if I ramp up distance and effort too quickly after a forced lay off.