Chip in Carbon Frame

Nick Cod
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After coming back off my Sunday morning ride yesterday I noticed I’d got a small chip on my Focus Evo. The chip is on the down tube but is noticeable as it’s on the white Focus graphic

A little annoyed as I’ve only had the bike since the end of March but these things happen so I’ll live with it. I’ll keep an eye, hopefully it won’t become a major issue

I’ll try and get a picture up later if poss, in the office at the moment

I know that protective tape is an option but is there anything else that I could use like a lacquer or can the chip be repaired?
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  • Rod11
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    I know people have used nail varnish, either the clear stuff just to cover the chip or tried the colour stuff, but colour matching can be difficult even with white! Have seen on here people suggesting model paints, not sure if that works though. I'd probably go with a dab of clear nail varnish, maybe use some tape to then cover it over and hide it, depending on how big it was?
  • city_boy
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    I had a chip the size of a 5p on the metalic blue paint on my down tube. Only to the base primer though, not to the carbon. I bought a stone chip repair kit from Halfords as close a colour as I could. With it being a metalic colour it was a 3 part kit (primer, paint and lacquer)' but each one had a fine nib applicator and allowed me to fill in the chip really neatly. I built up the paint/lacquer to be proud of the original paint ant then gently used T-Cut and car polish to smooth it down to flush and blend it in with the original paint. Apart from the very slight colour difference, you can hardly notice it now.
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  • Touch up paint always looks like sh!t. Often it looks worse than the scratch.
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  • city_boy
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    Not "always", mine looks significantly better than the chip did.
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