New Carbon Forks - help

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Need to get some new forks for my Carerra TDF after front ending, and bending the forks. Having taken the current ones off, my first thoughts are that it should be a job that I'm capable of doing - replacing forks. I am very much a beginner, but not overwhelmed when it comes to using a spanner etc.

So first up, is it as simple as buying forks on internet somewhere, and fitting them straight away - will I need specialist tools, expert knowledge that would essentially see me best going to my LBS? ... vi-content

Those would be the forks I'm looking at buying, but some slightly apprehensive considering I'm so comparatively inexperienced with this sort of stuff. Will I need to purchase a brand new headset for this new fork, or can I use the existing one?

Also, any opinions on those set of forks, or alternatives would be great as well.


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    The forks look decent enough, 2 year warranty so you cant go wrong really.

    You will need a crown race to match your headset (unless the one fitted to your old fork is still ok), a little googling should throw one up, and the easiest way to fit it (esp. to a carbon steerer) is to take it in to your LBS who should do it right there for a couple of quid if they aren't too busy (they can advise on the old one too). Failing that a new headset will come with a crown race to match but, obviously, be more expensive and tougher to fit.