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Rebuild after crash

mswmsw Posts: 313
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I've just had a big crash that broke my frame. The front end of the bike was run over by a car so is pretty much dead, but there doesn't look to be much wrong with the rear wheel, BB, crankset or rear mech.

Insurance will cover a new bike but it seems wasteful not to reuse the salvageable components from the old one, but I don't have the skill to do this myself. My question is this: is this even something bike shops do, stripping an old bike and building the bits to a new frame? And does anyone have good/bad experiences of it?

The alternative of course is to get a full new bike on the insurance and ebay the old stuff piece by piece. But I'd rather reuse perfectly good bits if possible.
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  • markos1963markos1963 Posts: 3,724
    If the insurance will cover a new bike then go that route, however I agree about not being wasteful. You could stash the parts and use them as spares for the future or use them as a base of a winter bike build. Use the classifieds on here or Ebay to get the rest of the components you need and then find a suitable frame to use. You can then get a LBS to build it up for you, usual cost around £100 for this.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    The insurance company will own the trashed bike though ? Not you ? You're getting a new one.

    The bits might be OK - or maybe the crank could be bent - hard to say without checking it.

    If they let you keep them - then I'd keep them for the winter bike build.
  • mswmsw Posts: 313
    cougie wrote:
    The insurance company will own the trashed bike though ? Not you ? You're getting a new one.

    True, but I would be *astonished* if they sent someone round for it. If they do at some point in the future then of course I will gladly take the reused bits off whichever bike they are then on and hand them over.
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  • ct8282ct8282 Posts: 414
    New bike. Thanks. Get riding. Enjoy.

    End of story. If you get to keep old parts fine.
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