knees hitting arms in drops!?

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Had same great advice on here before so I'm hoping I can get some help to sort this problem out.

Riding in the drops today sprinting on a slight decline in the road and I could feel my knees striking my elbows, Had to open my arms out to prevent it. Obviously something not right but not sure what to change, could a wider set of bars maybe help? I am only 5"6 with an inside leg of 30" so a small frame was the obvious choice (I'm riding a giant defy). I'm thinking the standard bars/stem setup might just not be the right fit for my bodyshape but not sure what and how to change it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated because the bike feels great otherwise.



  • dnwhite88
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    Bars should be the same width as your shoulders, don't get wider than necessary.
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  • Mindermast
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    The bars should be shoulder width, that usually fits. I think, it would require giant bars to get the elbows out of the way. There isn't much space between elbows and knees in the drop position. Probably, you moved a bit forward while sprinting. How is it when you don't sprint?
  • mesteph
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    It's fine when I am riding on the hoods, feel comfortable enough. So normally when people are down on the drops where are there knees? Do they not come as high as your arms, or do they end up inside your arms?
  • ride_whenever
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    How comfortable are the drops? If they're super deep then some slightly shallower ones might fix it.

    Alternatively get a bike fit.
  • themekon
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    When the cranks are in line with the downtube the knees should just brush your elbows.