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Hello everyone!

I just picked up my first road bike a week ago. A triban 3. This is my first bike in the last ~15 years or so, Hence I am incredibly rusty on how to maintain bikes. Can you guys please advice what things i need to keep in check? Anything I need to oil/clean/grease at regular intervals?

Many thanks!


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    See link at bottom of page - how to clean and lube my bike........
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    also loads of videos on youtube be specific or just type in bicycle maintenance
  • One of the best resources for maintaining your bike on here
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    Today, most bearings are "maintenance free", which means, you have to replace them once they are worn. The chain should get some oil before it runs dry. Towards winter, it is a good idea to grease all cables (careful, a few types should not be greased because the tubes have a special coating which doesn't like grease), so they don't freeze. Brake pads eventually harden, that is the last moment where they should be replaced, because at this moment, they will start to tear down the rim. But the hardening is a matter of years and normally, the pads are worn much earlier.