Tyres- first bit of carcass, how long left?

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On a pre-ride check noticed the first tiny patch of carcass showing through on my rear (pro 3 races). Not had the characteristic run of punctures yet, in fact none for ages. Another few hundred miles? Anyone know where to get red striped pro 3 race anymore? Can't have mismatching tyres and would save buying a set (i.e. skint :wink: )

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  • mallorcajeff
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    Carcass showing means its already past the point if safety. Chuck it in the bin thres are not that expensive. Not worth the risk unless you like the look of your avatar.
  • crankycrank
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    Time for some new tyres IMO. I usually wait until the threads show myself and it's almost always about the same time I get my last puncture. Never had any blowouts but just not worth the risk especially if it happens when you're 30 miles from home.