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Hi all
First post here. After a long lay off through illness I'm back on the bike, but the long lay off has made me hit 200lbs in weight. I'm currently riding a Ribble Dedacciai SC1 10A with carbon seat stays and fork. pro light Luciano wheels with 25mm gatorskins which I'm happy with. I'm looking for a lighter wheel set so to make it feel more responsive for about £350-£400 but ones which will take my weight. Or would I be best staying with the current wheel set.


  • Buy some wheels for £60, run them into the ground until you lose 80lbs
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    Keep what you've got until you've run them into the ground. The whole bike will feel more responsive when you've lost some weight anyway. Then, when you've lost 20lbs or so there is a whole new world open to you of delightful wheels...
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    Just get some better tyres rather than those Continental hosepipes. Vittoria Pave are a good bet and you'll certainly notice the difference.
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    I agree. Set yourself a target, if that's your plan, and treat yourself to new wheels when you get there.