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hi..been away from cycling for a number of years now, used to do a lot of touring in my teens, stopping at YHA hostels all over southern england, great fun & met some great people, unfortunately it all stopped when i got married to a non cyclist.
im now 51 and have just bought a 2010 specialized allez to get fit and would really like to build some miles up, and iv`e purchased all the clothing (bib shorts, cycling shirt, helmet, spd-sl pedals & road shoes, socks & gel gloves) wife says iv got the legs and the bum but i have a fat stomach and need to lose some weight there, i must admit i do look quite cool in all my getup 8) , but the stomach issue in my tight cycling shirt makes me feel a bit self conscience :( and when other cyclists see me trying to look like a road cyclist i think i look a prat. should i be bothered, also any hints on losing some weight there?


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    Take a look around you - plenty of cyclists fighting middle age spread, and losing.
    And let's honest - any bloke wearing tight shorts and top aint looking so good. Just ride fast and don't get off to walk round cafes and shops, nobody'll see you then :lol:
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    Don't worry what other people think, get out on your bike and enjoy it and you will start losing weight easily, other than that just take a look at what you eat and how much and see if you can cut out the crap stuff and reduce the portion size. This is just my opinion but don't try any stupid diets you don't need them and most things like weight watchers are not long term sustainable.
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    Honestly don't worry having just done a sportive with some 3500 other cyclists I noticed I wasn't actually that bad ... I also stopped buying cycling jerseys online, just go to local cycle shops to try stuff on and don't be afraid to size up.
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    Even like likes of Wiggo don't look good in lycra!

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    Dont worry about what you look like or what you wear, as long as you are comfortable that is all that you need to worry about :D
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    Im also a 50yr old mamil and couldn,t give a toss what people think.IF your happy in your gear then wear it with pride.It,s better than lounging on the sofa.
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    thanks chaps for your encouraging words, looking forward to getting back out there
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    I've thought that folk were watching my gut as well but I think they are just maybe admiring or being nosey on your bike brand. On a training route, I'd look out for the bikes other folk are on just to admire (apart from sometimes if it's a nice looking female then it's definitely her legs and 4rse that I'll admire).

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    Unfortunately extra ballast never looks good on the bike no matter what you're wearing and paradoxically trying to look like a "road cyclists" (read as: imitating pros and trying to fit in) makes it worse.
    Most of typical road kit looks ridiculous on anyone other than pros, anyway.

    If you want to look good "build some miles up" and loose some weight :)
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    Don't let it put you off...get on that bike...more time you spend on it the smaller the stomach will get too!
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    You're out on your bike doing something you enjoy, nothing else matters.
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    watch what you eat, get out on your bike and the gut will soon go! :D
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    Miles and being sensible will make a difference. I am currently 2 stones down :-)

    One thing I have found is that after a decent ride I get the munchies (often into the next day) - very easy to undo the weight benefit of the ride. If I get back and before anything else a quick two egg omelette (no cheese) it really takes the edge off the munchies.

    Others may prefer a different post ride snack.

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    Not a dissimilar tale, Tony. 50 next year, so you've got a year or two on me, but 30 years ago I cycled everywhere. Fit as a fiddle. Now overweight, sedentary job and frankly a bit of a lazy-arse at home, but have reached that moment where I'm looking at the kids thinking that I'd quite like to be around to enjoy watching them grow up into young men and ultimately be healthy enough to enjoy any retirement I might get!! Bought a folding bike for the last bit of my daily commute (8 mile round trip) and had a bit of a Lazarene moment. So exhilarating, such a rush and get into the office genuinely buzzing. Admittedly the first day or two had me panting for breath and the legs throbbing, but four miles now is just a warm-up, tbh - I'd keep going if I could. Get Mondays off, so I've been out on my old mtb putting in some miles. Up to around 15 last week and a new road bike is imminent.
    Diet has transformed. Snacking is out, bar fresh/dried fruit. Porridge with a banana and a bit of honey for breakfast, salad or baked potato for lunch, smaller portions at dinner. Haven't eaten bread in about two months and don't drink much anyway, so the weight is s-l-o-w-l-y starting to disappear.

    I have a generous belly, let's say, so have avoided MAMIL tendencies as yet - some padded mtb shorts and wicking t-shirts do the job just fine. When the six-pack is back, I might take the plunge. Plenty of rotund club cyclists on the roads round here and no-one cares, basically - a cheery 'ayup' is usually forthcoming, whatever your shape. Go for it.
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    Try 2/3 x hourly training sessions (road or turbo) and 1 x 10 timetrial (must be a club 10 nearby for you) per week until September and see if the gut goes down a bit.
    Dont worry about your times or appearance too much... just get the work done.
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    thanks chaps for all your positive comments, looking forward to getting some miles in, going to be doing the london to southend on the 21st this month, going to look at doing some spinning aswell, together with cutting out all the rubbish i eat hopefully ill lose some weight over the coming months. thanks again
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    Get some Team Sky kit, that always looks good.