speedplay service help needed

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just bought a set of speedplay pedals and need some help
which dry lube should i be using on the pedals and which type of grease on the axles

i certainly wont be buying speedplay products im afraid lol

just need to know generic ones which will do the job

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  • I've used Speedplays for five years - always lube the cleats with whatever dry lube I have to hand usually a spray with GT85 and then Finish Line Dry on the metal clip (I usually dismantle mine to lube and clean them but it's not neccessary). For the pedals I use a 50p syringe bought from Tesco and load it with Park Polylube 1000 - just cause that's what I use on everything so I always have some around. I am sure cheaper greases would be fine I've seen people recommend any marine axle grease.

    PS - Just occurred to me that it might be helpful to add that with this maintenance regime I am still using the same pedals and I'm on my third set of cleats. Cleats last me until that yellow bit breaks (I'm guessing but maybe 3-4k miles for those) they still work but it annoys me when that bit breaks and I get a new set.
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    finish line dry lube is fine for cleats - shake bottle well before applyin'g

    the speedplay supplied grease is this...
    http://www.super-lube.com/synthetic-mul ... zp-49.html
    http://www.super-lube.com/files/pdfs/su ... lletin.pdf

    it's nlgi 2, which is 'normal' viscosity, ok to substitute with another waterproof grease
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    I have filled a syringe and it worked a treat
    So thanks for that gents!!!!

    Finding them tricky to click into so guess there is a nack to doing it smoothly

    Insure they will be. Ritter after a good ride
    Specialized S Works SL2 . Campagnolo Record 11spd. rolling on Campag Zonda wheels

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    Agree that most greases will be fine for the bearings, just make sure they stay lubed. For lubing the outers as well as any of the other dry lubes mentioned I've been using up all my old wax type chain lubes as they work better on my pedals than on the chain. Also if you get the cleat covers get the Kool Kovers brand version. http://www.koolkovers.us/Products.html They tend to stay on your cleats better than Speedplay's own version. Stay away from the Speedplay lubes and grease gun, waay overpriced and nothing special.