will i notice a difference?

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I currently have a 110mm stem on my defy 1, and since i have had it, i haven't spent much time on the drops really, however i am finding my self using the drops more often now, and sometimes i find myself wanting just a little more room when i am on the drops. while on the hoods and top parts of the bars i am fine, was thinking of getting a 120 or 130 mm stem , would i notice much difference? will that mess up the positioning for me on the hoods?


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    Yes it will make a difference to your other positions and there are lots of factors involved. Without pictures or more details it would be hard to say. Generally use your position on the hoods to dictate your stem length. It could be that your stem is 10mm short or that you could change drop height or angle to dial in your position.
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    If you are fine on the hoods don't mess with your stem. 1cm makes a significant difference, 2cm extra and you'll feel like you are riding a huge bike - that's a big change.

    It's more likely you need a different bar shape to make your position in the drops more aggressive. If you have the shallow drop bars everyone seems to insist on supplying these days then it will easily be sorted by looking for something deeper which increases your reach a bit. Dropping 5 or 10mm of spacers from under your stem might also work for you and cost you nothing, why not try it? :D
  • Thanks for the replies guys, foggymike I will try your idea of different shape bars, tempted to try a 120mm deda stem just to see if it helps, it's only 20 quid from wiggle plus it will go well with the white defy frame. Thanks again.