Where to get my bike fitted in Hertfordshire

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Just got my new (secondhand) road bike, Cannondale SuperSix 2012 and i need to get it fitted for me...

I live in Potters Bar and know Shorter Rochford are very good and are just around the corner.. But when phoning to find out what it's all about and maybe booking myself in i got the feeling that rather than fit my bike for me, it was all geared around selling me a new stem, handlebars etc and when i asked "can you not just fit my bike, i.e. what i have, for me?" the response was "no point doing it if you ain't going to do it properly!"

Hense to say i found this quite off putting and unfriendly from a company that prides itself on being an "independent family run bicycle company"

My question is...............

Does anyone know of any other shops that are within striking distance that can fit my bike for me and not try and sell me an extra £300+ of replacements...!!!



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    Try Bike and Run in East Finchley.

    The thing is, you will be the same size in all of the bike shops that you go for a fit, and if your stem is too long/short you will need a new stem regardless of which shop you go to, but dont forget that they are recomendations and you do not have to buy. (you will have to pay for a fit though).

    Same for bars, saddle, cranks etc.

    If you dont want expensive - look on the net and do it yourself.
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    That is true. its just the way the conversation was it was very much 'you will need to change things' didn't give me much confidence about whether the fit would be for my benefit or theirs..
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    Just do it yourself?
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    yup shorter rochford are a bit strange I've found in the past