newton shallow vs 3T rotundo

stumpy paul
stumpy paul Posts: 197
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Which works better with new shape campag levers?
Opinions / experiences (and pics?) would be appreciated.


  • Kiwi_rich
    Kiwi_rich Posts: 68
    You should consider 3T ergonova as well - nice shape with flat tops
  • foggymike
    foggymike Posts: 862
    Depends on the reach and drop you need and the shape you prefer - much more important than the shape of the transition into the lever
  • stumpy paul
    stumpy paul Posts: 197
    well, I know I want a classic shape - I've rotundo / shimano on my winter / commute bike.
    I don't want the flat top and find levers easier to reach from the classic drop and the drops better to ride in.
    I'm switching to campag on the best bike, hence the query.