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I just upgraded to Strava premium (bad idea i know)but since i upgraded it wont let me upload any rides from my Bryton rider 20, i didn't have this problem when i was a free member. I have searched but couldnt find any similar post so was wondering has any one else have had this problem when the upgraded and how did they resolve this?

The data is fine on my Bryton and i tried saving as a GPX but when i did this the data didnt have my heart rate and times were wrong so i had to delete the ride again.

Thanks and my apologies if there has been a previous post regarding this.


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    I'd contact Strava if I were you.
  • davoj
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    Yea i have but no reply as of yet and left a post on there Facebook page and same no response. There customer service is meant to be terrible and so it is. I was hoping that this may be a problem a few had come across before and was wondering how they resolved it.

    Thanks for the reply though.
  • I'm surprised they haven't been back to you. I've contacted them a few times in last year or so and they've always been back within hours.
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    Are they U.S based? It was July 4th yesterday so most companies won't have much staff on.
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    Are you trying to upload from the Bryton site or are you trying to upload the gpx file from your pc directly to strava?

    I have had problems uploading from Bryton to strava over the last few days, it says file uploaded ok but when i go to strava nothing is there, If i upload the gpx file direct to strava it works but does not show cadence.

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    upgrading to premium bad idea? its nothing of the sort. If anything the extra support will encourage them to grow ;)
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    I'd ask for your money back if I were you.
  • Anyone who pays for Starva must be off their head.
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    Anyone who pays for Starva must be off their head.[/quote

    I quite agree allthough paying for strava is whole different issue :-)
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    Was heart rate data in there previously? heart rate and cadence are extensions, and different manufacturers use different labels for HR & cadence. I had a Mio cyclo and had to edit the labels to get HR data in there.

    Premium doesn't turn basic HR on, it adds the suffer score. If you didn't see HR won't magically get it with premium.

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    Strava premium is well worth the small amount I pay for it
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    Ok so Strava came back to me after 96hrs in the customer support section and explained to me that they are no longer supporting Bryton to automatically upload from my Bryton Login page as off July 1st (Money & Time issues according to them)so it had nothing to do with be an Premium member but they did explain to me that i can upload a GPX by saving to my computer and than uploading from Strava but here is the Catch 22 " This doesn't support heart rate or cadence so been a premium member doesn't benefit me and no i cant get a refund" (see T&C).

    So messing around with TCX files i noticed that this will transfer HR data so for the moment this is a option, it certainly takes longer to upload and had problem with the TCX files to start with but at least i can upload again.

    I don't recommend premium and the poor customer support that followed has not helped.
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    Anyone who pays for Starva must be off their head.

    Depends if you like using Strava. At some point they will need to monetise the thing, that will either be by getting sufficient customers to pay or moving to a different model (ie excessive adverts, reducing free service, etc, etc). Personally I like Strava so paying the small amount premium costs to keep it pretty much as it is seems sensible to me.
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    Had same problems with android app ipbike...used to upload direct to strava...but strava have changed there API...and won,t allow competitors to use it...having to save file to PC and upload from there
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  • I have a Bryton 40 which won't upload to Strava via the Brytonsport website, however if you upload a .tcx to Strava, the HR data as well as the ride data comes up fine.

    Hopefully Bryton and Strava will find some sort of agreement to get the old system back soon. It's a bit of a faff to upload to both sites separately.