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Buying new bike! Norco Tactic vs Cervelo R3 vs ?

aavleeaavlee Posts: 2
edited July 2013 in Road buying advice
Hi everyone.

Going to be looking to buy a new bike in the near future and doing my research. The Norco Tactic 3 (105 groupset) really caught my eye in terms of value at $2100 MSRP. I was also looking at the Cervelo R3 which receives glowing reviews from pretty much everyone. With the 105 groupset it's a little more expensive at $2600. With both bikes I would use the money I save with getting 105 and upgrading the wheel set. Anything else in that price range I should be looking at? Maybe the Cannondale SuperSix. which is around the same price as the Norco. Does anyone know where the extra price for the Cervelo comes from? I'll be heading out to the LBS's to check them out.

A little background info, the bike's primary use will be training for and racing sprint/oly triathlons. I would occasionally do some longer 80-100km rides but I'm not really concerned about comfort in those cases. Right now I have a cheap online roadie that's a little too big for me so I'll have another bike to use for commuting and such.

Thanks for your suggestions guys!


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